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  • Claire Tills

Welcome to the blog!

Hello! This is a new blog and this post is a general introduction to me and what I'll be doing with it. Welcome...

The focus of this blog is the intersection of communication theories and information security. I plan to analyze case studies and explore information security issues from the perspective of a communication specialist and scholar.

Why I’m doing this:

Before going to graduate school, I worked in public relations at a small firm in Northern Virginia that worked mainly in the high-tech B2B and B2G spaces. I started work in late 2013 soon after Snowden and right before the mega breaches of 2014. Working at that firm, at that time, I got a bit of a bug for infosec. I carried that bug with me to graduate school and discovered that scholarly work exploring infosec issues, particularly that in the field of communication was nonexistent. With that, the bug became a bit of an obsession.

I felt like I was the only person who saw how different infosec crises, like data breaches and ransomware, are from more “traditional” crises like natural disasters or industrial accidents when it comes to communication. As I dove deeper into the subject, I found that it wasn’t just in crisis that infosec needed more communicative understanding. Communication impacts all aspects of infosec, as it does every field, but infosec also has unique characteristics that make traditional best practices fail. So I decided this would be my niche.

With this blog I’m hoping to flesh out some of my thoughts on the subject and present early findings from my research. Ideally, I’ll get some feedback and fresh ideas!

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